Competition Timeline

Registration Opens

Registration begins for the 2020 competition. Formal registration forms will be sent out to successful applicants.

July 29th 2019

Registration Closes

Registrations after the 15th of October are still possible! They will be assessed on a case by case basis, note that your team would be required to adhere to any additional conditions set by the committee (e.g. increased timelines and potential fees). Please contact for more information

October 15th 2019

AMRS L3 Documentation

Applicable to teams using an M, N or O motor in the competition. More information regarding this will be sent through to your team.

October/November 2019

Progress Report 1

The primary focus areas of Progress Report 1 are Engineering Management, Team Organisation & Safety Standards. In addition, this report should include a brief overview of your preliminary design. Specific criteria and mandatory content for each progress update will be released in advance of the deadline.

December 13th 2019

Progress Report 2

The purpose of Progress Report 2 is to provide an overview of each team’s progression since Progress Report 1 and to gain a better understanding of how each rocket project is being developed and tested.

March 6th 2020

Further Simulations/Software

Teams are expected to undertake simulation and modelling of their vehicle in order to justify their design decisions and to ensure the vehicle will survive the flight and will behave as expected.

May 1st 2020

Payload Report

Teams will be required to submit a report detailing the objectives of their payload and that it meets the requirements of the payload criteria.

May 1st 2020

Final Report

A complete technical report must be submitted before launch. This report shall adhere to a professional writing guide and will be evaluated for quality and technical aptitude.

July 17th 2020

Competition Days Begin

September 30th 2020