The timing of AURC 2020 is impeccable with Australia’s commitment to entering the global space industry and the recent announcement of the Australian Space Agency’s structure in March. This competition will shape the future domestic workforce and is an excellent way to showcase capabilities on a national scale. Further opportunities provide the ability to truly cement positions in the industry among delegates, speakers and sponsors all of whom are set to play significant roles in the conglomeration phase of Australia’s space industry.

In addition to the tiered sponsorship packages offered in our sponsorship prospectus, industry and government will benefit through high-calibre student engagement, sponsorship of student teams through in-kind engineering mentoring and support roles, and engagement with other businesses interested in the Australian Space Industry at the AURC trade show event on the first day of the launch event.

Please contact us for a sponsorship prospectus.

AURC Director

Myrthe Snoeks: