2021 Expression of Interest Form

The AYAA is currently working towards a program for the AURC 2021. The format for the competition in 2021 will be for teams to launch in their respective states, and for those where this is not an option, their nearest available launch site. The AURC will do its utmost to facilitate these competition launches so that teams are able to compete. The launch window will depend on site availability, however, we are currently aiming for October 2021. More information on timelines will be provided for each state once we can confirm availability with launch sites. For the AURC 2021, we are allowing and encouraging the continuation and launching of designs — both airframes and payloads — intended for the AURC 2020. Deliverables leading up to the launches will be reduced, but will still include a final technical report to be assessed by qualified engineers.

Please fill this form to express your team’s interest in competing in the AURC 2021.