The Australian Universities Rocket Competition is organised by university students and young professionals in association with the Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA). The annual competition requires students to design, build and launch a high-powered solid fuel rocket to a target height of either 10,000 or 30,000 ft. In 2020 teams can also design a 2kg CubeSat payload for the first payload challenge of the competition. It will bring together Australia's students and organisations in a one of a kind Australian tertiary competition.


The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) is a not-for-profit organisation managed by student volunteers, with the objective of promoting the aerospace industry to young Australians. AYAA hosts two other major annual events, the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) in Brisbane for high school students, and the Aerospace Futures conference for tertiary students and young professionals. The AURC continues the AYAA’s legacy of promoting education, awareness and involvement in the aerospace industry to young Australians.


Myrthe Snoeks

She is currently studying a Bachelor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Political Science at the University of Queensland (UQ). Over the past years Myrthe has been working as a research assistant and tutor, with research areas including; business management, entrepreneurship, and engineering project management.

Boree Jung

Boree is currently in her second year of mechanical and aerospace engineering and mathematics at the UQ and is passionate about all things that launch up into the sky and beyond.

Toby Herik

Toby is a third year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics student at the University of Queensland. He was the treasurer for the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum in 2019 and is passionate about building up the aerospace industry in Australia.

Teams Coordinators
Filip Drazovic

Filip is graduating from a Mechatronics (Space) Engineering + Science (Computer Science) degree at USYD in 2019. He was the avionics lead for USYD Rocketry at both AURC and Spaceport America Cup in 2019.

Anthony Poletto

Anthony is a fourth-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Western Australia and firmly believes a solution to most problems includes attaching a larger rocket motor.

Tim Bleasdale

Tim is currently employed at Gilmour Space Technologies. He was a senior member of the USYD Rocketry team during 2018-2019. During 2018 he was involved in the development of their flagship design Silvereye with which he competed at both AURC and Spaceport America Cup in 2019.

Media & Comms Coordinator
Brianna Gould

Brianna is a third year student at Macquarie University, studying Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Environmental Law and Management. In 2019, she worked as the Media/Marketing and Delegates Coordinator for Aerospace Futures. She is also a current member of the AYAA NSW committee.

Logistics Coordinator
Steve Frampton

Steve is studying 1st year Philosophy, Politics and Economics at La Trobe University, Melbourne. He has a keen interest in space-related logistics.

Sponsorship Coordinator
Zhamilya Sabazova

Zhamilya is a third year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science student. She was part of the AURC 2018-19 Adelaide University team and is a founder president of the Society of Women in Space Exploration Australian branch at Adelaide University. She is a native speaker in “Runglish”, English-Russian hybrid that ISS astronauts speak.

Event Manager
Alex Lee

Alex is a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering and Physics student at the University of Sydney. He is fascinated by the beauty of the Universe and the wonders of space technology.