Top 10 Leaderboard

Rank Team Category University
1. RMIT Space Technology Association - Team 10 30,000ft Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
2. ANU Rocketry - Team 11 10,000ft Australian National University
2. ADEPT - Project Improbable 10,000ft University of Adelaide
2. UQ Space - Minerva Full Thrust 30,000ft University of Queensland
3. ADEPT - Project Skyreach 30,000ft University of Adelaide
3. University of Canterbury - Project II 30,000ft University of Canterbury
3. UQ Space - Project Minerva 10,000ft University of Queensland
4. Monash HPR - Monash HPR 30k 30,000ft Monash University
4. USYD Rocketry Team - Silvereye 10,000ft University of Sydney
5. AIAA UNSW - AIAA UNSW Rocketry Team 10,000ft University of New South Wales

Updated after the results of the last deliverable: Progress Report 1

Competition Timeline

Competition Opens

The official announcement of the AURC.

Mar 07

First Progress Report

This report was the first opportunity for teams to earn points for the inaugural AURC competition. Teams provided an overview of their preliminary rocket design with a key focus on its trajectory, stability and motor selection.

Submissions have now closed

Sep 17

Second Progress Report

The second progress report should demonstrate each team is on track to launching at the AURC event. It also provides an opportunity to present major design changes. The task sheet for Progress Report 2 can be found here and in the Competitor’s documents tab.

Submissions have now closed.

Dec 10

Technical Report

The technical report is the culmination of all your work towards launching at the AURC and includes Analytical Simulation and Virtual Vehicle Design Results. Further details on the submission and marking rubric will be released at a later date.

Mar 18

Competition Starts

The moment you are all working towards. Schedules for event days will be released closer to the competition date.

Apr 17

Competition Ends

The day after all launches have concluded, winner's will be announced and teams can celebrate and reflect on their year long progress.

Apr 21
Further Questions

If you have any questions regarding the competition see the FAQ or contact one of our Teams Coordinators.

Teams Coordinators

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