Shoal Award Modelling and Simulation – awarded to an AURC team which has demonstrated an outstanding analysis and approach to the modelling and simulation of their rocket submission for the 2020 AURC.

Description: Shoal Group will award the best modelling and simulation rocket submission with the Shoal Award for Modelling and Simulation. This award is presented to the team which has demonstrated exemplary efforts in de-risking their rocket submission through thorough modelling and simulation practices.

The submission must demonstrate a well-thought-out modelling and simulation approach, with accompanying validation strategies and methods used. Analysis of results and decision-making surrounding assumptions and parameter selection will also be scrutinised. This award is tool-agnostic and method-agnostic. Each submission will be reviewed by Shoal’s world-class engineering team. Shoal engineers have been involved with major space modelling and simulation projects including the JAXA Hayabusa spacecraft re-entry into Australia and the revision of the Australian Space Agency’s Flight Safety Code and Maximum Probable Loss Methodology.

Note: No further rubric will be released for this award. Shoal will look at the final report section that discusses modelling and simulation, considering any and all simulations that de-risk the designed rocket to achieving its technical goal. Naturally, technical written communication skills should be of a high standard.