Software Sponsor: Aerospace Systems

The AURC is proud to announce the first official software package of the AURC, ASTOS!

ASTOS is a cutting edge simulation and trajectory optimisation software for space applications that is used by companies across the globe. By providing students with access to the ASTOS software suite, AURC teams will have an unparalleled capability to simulate their rocket’s trajectory and optimise their design. Details about ASTOS can be found at

Note that the licencing arrangement for ASTOS has been kindly facilitated by Aerospace Systems

Additional information on how to register for ASTOS will be provided to your team in a subsequent email that will be released at a later date.

Whilst it is not a requirement of the competition that your AURC team uses this software for your rocket trajectory modelling and optimisation, we would strongly recommend it as a higher fidelity simulation that can be used in conjunction with OpenRocket to maximise your chance at winning the competition.

Originally posted November 10, 2018

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