Getting involved with the AURC will help shape the future domestic workforce and is an excellent way to showcase capabilities on a national scale. Further opportunities provide the ability to truly cement positions in the industry among delegates, speakers and sponsors all of whom are set to play significant roles in the conglomeration phase of Australia’s space industry.

With the much-appreciated assistance from our existing partners we aim to encourage a systems engineering approach and have included industry standard safety management requirements. This competition will bridge the gap between university and industry, from scientific application, to project management, interdisciplinary collaboration and international exposure.

This is just the beginning. We are confident that this event can be renowned for its relevance and impact, however, we cannot do this alone. Your help makes the difference in setting the limits of what is possible.

Please contact us for a sponsorship prospectus. In addition to the tiered sponsorship packages offered in our sponsorship prospectus, industry and government will benefit through high-calibre student engagement, sponsorship of student teams through in-kind engineering mentoring and support roles, and engagement with other businesses interested in the Australian Space Industry.

Please contact us for any sponsorship enquiries, we understand not all businesses are alike and can tailor in-kind and monetary packages as required.

AURC Sponsorship Coordinator