Team highlight: RMIT Hive

We are thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant student teams participating in the Australian Universities Rocketry Competition (AURC) 2024. Over the next few weeks, we will spotlight each team, sharing their unique stories, goals, and rocket designs.

This week’s spotlight is on RMIT HIVE. Here is a short introduction about their project!

We are RMIT’s HIVE team, a group of 30 undergraduate engineers across 10 different university disciplines. In 2024, we are going to fly our brand new scientific-sounding rocket, Aurora V, at the AURC. Our rocket will house four main subsystems: Aerostructures, Avionics, Payload, and Recovery. We also intend to fly a special fifth subsystem – Aerobrakes, pending several flight tests to ensure their safe operation.

During the AURC, we will fly our specialized payload – the Microbial Insight Module. This module not only forms the basis of a thesis project but will also determine whether this instrument system can operate under more extreme conditions than those experienced in orbital class rockets, laying the framework for future spacefaring cube satellite missions.

We have had a blast (no pun intended) so far, having already flown two of the five rockets in the Aurora program. Each one of these sounding rockets is another stepping stone in our (almost) year-long design project. We are all very excited for the cumulative event in September and can’t wait to show the community all our hard work.

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