AURC 2024 Update

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) team is excited to announce that we are working towards a 2024 Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC) WITH an in-person launch event! This launch event should be expected  to be in 2024. 

The AYAA executive team is currently in discussion with sponsors and other stakeholders in a bid to deliver AURC 2024, and is looking to release updates over the following weeks. If you are from a university team, please complete the Expression of Interest Form to be the very first to receive updates.

Undoubtedly, AURC 2024 will require an experienced and professional organising group. Keep an eye on the opportunities page on the AYAA website for upcoming AURC opportunities or email – we need you to make this happen! The AYAA remains committed to the competition, teams and sponsors, and will strive to deliver an in-person launch event in 2024. Please bear with us while we work though the maze of reviving Australias premiere rocket competition, and know that we will be updating you with more info as soon as we have it! Key questions (amongst many others) we are urgently working on answering for you:

  1. Detail regarding propellant availability, and acquisition processes.
  2. Timelines (don’t worry – there will be less deliverables!)
  3. Rules and Requirements.
  4. Launch and Location information
  5. Registration and Judging process and transparency.

Without the support of sponsors, the AURC would not be possible. The AYAA would like to extend an enormous thank you to ongoing and past supporters of the AURC; Defence, the Australian Space Agency, SASIC and Defence SA, Australian Defence Business Review, Shoal Group, SIEMENS and MathWorks.

Cohort Photo