AURC 2024 Competitor Information will be released soon!


AURC 2024 information will be released in schedule with the 2024 Key Dates document shown below!


Documentation from the 2020 competition is available below – it may not entirely reflect future competitions, but should provide initial directive.

Shoal Award Modelling and Simulation – awarded to an AURC team which has demonstrated an outstanding analysis and approach to the modelling and simulation of their rocket submission for the 2020 AURC. Learn More.

Project Support

The first project support document, an introduction to Systems Engineering by Shoal is up now! Learn More.

Software Support

MathWorks provides complimentary software for this competition. If your team is participating in this competition and needs software, fill out the software request form.

Australian Model Rocket Society (AMRS)

AMRS provides a range of information about rocketry in Australian and can connect you to local clubs. Learn More.

Ausrocketry Forums

Having problems? Burning questions? Connect with people who are part of the Australian rocketry community. Learn More.

It is of great importance that all teams are aware of and follow the safety standards for amateur rocketry in Australia. The Australian Model Rocket Society (AMRS) provides a safety code that must be adhered to throughout the AURC here.

In addition to the AMRS safety code and your local states explosive regulations, CASR Part 101 regulations must be adhered to in the lead up to and during the AURC competition. Further details on CASR Part 101 can be found here.

Upcoming Deliverable - Registration

Check back soon!

Competition Timeline

Registration Opens
Registration begins for the 2022 competition. Formal registration forms will be sent out to successful applicants. Registrations will be opening soon!
April 2023
Launch Event
The launch event for AURC 2022/23 will occur late in April 2023
April 2023